Tips for Driving in Bad Weather:


1.     Use a product like Rain X to help repel snow and rain from your windshield.

2.     Play the “seatbelt” game with your kids to help them remember to always wear their seat belt.

    “Seat belt” game: race your kids to see who can get their seat belt on first (entice with a treat). 

3.     It is best to avoid driving in bad weather.  Only drive if you must. 

4.     Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination; speeding or taking risks in bad weather

     will increase the chance of an accident. 

5.     Make sure your hands free device is ready and working.  Any extra distractions while driving

     can result in an accident.

6.     If driving in the snow wait until the streets have been plowed. 

7.     Leave plenty of space between your car and the car in front of you in case of sudden stops.

8.     When stepping on the gas use gently so as to avoid skidding.

9.    Keep your lights on while driving to increase visibility for yourself and for oncoming traffic.

10.       And most importantly drive slowly, carefully, and completely focused!

11.       The 15 Second Rule: Give yourself an extra 15 before you turn or move into oncoming traffic.

     The Life you save with the 15 Second Rule May be your very own!!!!


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